Custom Asian Feng Shui Quilt for CFO
Custom Asian Feng Shui Quilt for CFO

Examples of Energy Quilts


Examples of Personal Reflection Quilts and “Who You Are” Quilts

Indian Corn King Quilt/Bedspread
Indian Corn King Quilt/Bedspread
Coyote Moon King Quilt
Coyote Moon King Quilt

Examples of Bed Quilts

Without getting into dense theory, I simply say that my quilts are infused with Positive Energy. Since “like attracts like,” my Quilted Energy offerings bring positive light and energy to your space!

In addition to imbuing my quilting process with Positive Energy,  I incorporate traditional energy symbols and colors into my designs. These come from Feng Shui, chakra energies, elemental energies (think earth, fire, water), color meanings, and ultimately from symbols and colors representing the Source of all energy, regardless of how you define it. Some are also three dimensional. Occasionally, I use a pre-designed pattern (if a client wishes), but nearly all of my quilts are designed by me.

My quilts are often embellished with beads, “thread painting,” feathers, oil painting, leather, cord, found objects, perhaps even a butterfly (metamorphosis, change in life).

In addition to “Energy Quilts,” I make Bed, Lap and Crib quilts; Memory and T-shirt quilts, Table runners, Modern quilts and much more.

  • Art Quilts/Wall Hangings – Designed to compliment your decor or to improve the Feng Shui of your home.
    • I am pleased to work with Feng Shui and Home Decorating professionals to provide something special for your clients.
  •  Energy Quilts/Wall Hangings – These may overlap with Feng Shui symbolism or concentrate more on personal and spiritual healing colors & symbols.
    • Again, I am pleased to work with Energy Healing professionals.
  •  Personal Reflection Quilts/Wall Hangings – These quilts are the outcome of a conversation between artist and client. They might represent a person’s profession (e.g., abstract design based on spine for a chiropractor), interests and passions, dreams or an important event or item.
  • Memory Quilts – Examples are quilts made from a child’s clothing, items from a special event (e.g., wedding), clothing from a loved one who has passed on, T-shirts, memorabilia, pictorial fabrics representing memories.
  •  Functional Quilts – Bed, Lap, Crib quilts; Table runners

 Please contact me to discuss any type of custom quilt you would like for yourself or for a client (Feng Shui Consultants & Healing Energy practitioners).

I look forward to working with you.