Quilts are often embellished with beads, “thread painting,” feathers, oil painting, found objects and more.

Chances are you’ve been excited about an activity, felt passionate about a cause, and loved a number of people and pets.  It takes ENERGY to produce those emotions; it takes ENERGY to think your thoughts! Quantum physics and metaphysics speak of the concept that everything has and is energy in one form or another.  Without getting into dense theory, simply say that my quilts are infused with Positive Energy. Since “like attracts like,” my Quilted Energy offerings bring positive light and energy to your space!

In addition to imbuing my quilting process with Positive Energy,  I incorporate traditional energy symbols and colors into my designs. These come from Feng Shui, chakra energies, elemental energies (think earth, fire, water), color meanings, and ultimately from symbols and colors representing the Source of all energy, regardless of how you define it.

My quilts are often embellished with beads, “thread painting,” feathers, oil painting, leather, cord, found objects, perhaps even a butterfly (metamorphosis, change in life). Only on occasion do my quilts follow a pre-designed pattern, when requested by a recipient. Otherwise, they are all designed by me. I use many quilting techniques and types of fabric to achieve the “message” and art form I wish to present.

On the back of each quilt, I add a pocket for the recipient to insert her/his intention. Intention, like thought, is energy. That energy embodies what the person intends…not just wants, but literally intends…. her/his life to be like. As I make each quilt, I focus not only on the process itself, but also the purpose for the quilt and the desires of my client. My thought energy is absorbed by the quilt itself, which, strange as it may seem, is also energy.

I invite you to peruse my QUILT GALLERY and read ABOUT THE ARTIST as well as some of my ramblings of thought & blog posts in POSTS & RAMBLINGS.  

Namaste.  Dale