I offer Custom & Non-Custom quilts, as well as Longarm Quilting services for other quilters.

QUILTS: I specialize in quilts with Feng Shui, Elemental (think earth, fire, water, air), Healing Energy (think chakras) and Southwest/Indian symbolism. However, I also make Bed, Lap and Crib quilts; Memory and T-shirt quilts, Table runners, Modern quilts and much more. I love to embellish art quilts with beads, feathers, found objects, oil painting, “thread painting” or whatever you wish. Some are also three dimensional. Occasionally, I use a pre-designed pattern (if a client wishes), but nearly all of my quilts are designed by me.

  • Art Quilts/Wall Hangings – Designed to compliment your decor or to improve the Feng Shui of your home.

    • I am pleased to work with Feng Shui and Home Decorating professionals to provide something special for your clients.

  •  Energy Quilts/Wall Hangings – These may overlap with Feng Shui symbolism or concentrate more on personal and spiritual healing colors & symbols.

    • Again, I am pleased to work with Energy Healing professionals.

  •  Personal Reflection Quilts & “Who You Are” Quilts/Wall Hangings – These quilts are the outcome of a conversation between artist and client. They might represent a person’s profession (e.g., abstract design based on spine for a chiropractor), interests and passions, dreams or an important event or item.

  • Memory Quilts – Examples are quilts made from a child’s clothing, items from a special event (e.g., wedding), clothing from a loved one who has passed on, T-shirts, memorabilia, pictorial fabrics representing memories.

  •  Functional Quilts – Bed, Lap, Crib quilts; Table runners

LONGARM QUILTING SERVICES:  My Longarm business is Desert Sky Quilting Services. Please click below to go to my other website. www.DesertSkyQuilting.com I invite you to peruse my QUILT GALLERY and read ABOUT the ARTIST and ABOUT the PROCESS, as well as some of my POSTS & RAMBLINGS. Namaste.  Dale